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  • the glory of long nails expressed in Flys Open, left - Booger Flapping in the Wind, bottom right -  Plumbers Crack, top right
  • 3 different glitter effects in one collection - Flys Open on left - Plumbers Crack top right - Booger Flapping in the Wind, bottom right
  • loaded brushes from bottles - top, Booger - bottom right, Plumbers Crack - bottom left, Fly's Open
  • color effects left - Plumber's Crack - top right, Fly's Open - bottom right, Booger
  • collage You Try to Look Away but Can't collection
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Ember Nail Lacquer

You Try To Look Away, But Cant/ Collection

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You Try to Look Away but Can't

You know the feeling. A glance can tell you a lot. But you have to keep looking back to make sure that you really did see that. And then you keep asking yourself, Did that really happen? It stays in your brain for a long time. Once you see it, you can't UNsee it!

3 amazing lacquers in this collection, completely different base colors.

Plumbers Crack

Dark blue/purple base

lots of holographic glitter

pearl pink flakes

Fly's Open

Coral pink and gold duochrome

Booger Flapping In The Wind

Copper/Pink duochrome

Lots of holographic glitter

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