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  • Patty's Peach base is an  intense shade of fuchsia with interesting shimmers and holographic flakes of blue and orange
  • Patty's Peach is just as stunning on short nails as on longer ones
  • Patty's Peach looks even more intense on darker skin tones
  • detail of Patty's Peach  showing blue shimmer
  • Patty's Peach showing  Pink/Orange/Gold flakes of glitter. plus blue shimmer
  • deep dive into fuchsia base of Patty's Peach showing flakes of glitter and blue shimmer
  • Patty's Peach loaded onto brush with orange flakes easily visible
  • all nails from same base of Patty's Peach but with different effects
  • detail of Patty's Peach fuchsia base plus flakes and glitter of blue
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Ember Nail Lacquer #41

Patty's Peach

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Patty's Peach has a fuchsia base, with Pink/Orange/Gold flakes of glitter. Plus, Mermaid Shifting flakes of glitter! To finish it off, we gave it a Blue Shimmer.

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