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  • Booger Flapping in the Wind glitter nail polish
  • holographic glitter enhances Booger Flapping in the Wind nail color
  • different color effects for darker skin tones
  • Booger has fascinating effects on light skin tones
  • deep dive into holographic glitter inside Booger
  • Booger's holographic glitter detail
  • what Booger looks like on the brush
  • Booger Flapping in the Breeze
  • close view of Booger straight from the bottle
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Ember Nail Lacquer #55

Booger Flapping In The Wind

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Part of our collection of You Try To Look Away But Can't. Booger Flapping in the Wind is perfectly named, to be memorable! Copper/Pink Duochrome is almost flesh-toned so it might be easy to overlook. To overcome that camouflage, Booger has lots of holographic glitter. The effect is totally fascinating!

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