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  • Back Flip Nude is part of our To Much to Drink collection - ordinary gold glitter top coat with pop of pink shimmer
  • Back Flip Nude loaded on brush with tons of gold glitter
  • Back Flip Nude all by itself on medium length nails
  • gold glitter and pink holographic effect
  • short nails get attention too with Back Flip Nude's gold glitter and pink holographic surprise
  • detail of Back Flip Nude heavy on the gold glitter with surprising pink holographic shimmer
  • nail enamel by itself on short nails gold glitter pink shimmer
  • close up detail of Back Flip Nude
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Ember Nail Lacquer #44

To much to drink - Back Flip Nude

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Back Flip Nude is a Light tan-nude color with a pink hue, duochrome and holographic glitter. You might need your sunglasses to look at this lacquer. To Much to Drink Collection.
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