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  • topper effects - top left, color shifting flakes Vader should  of been Han - top right, silver, Sir Puggleston Long Tongue - center, Pocket Butt - bottom left, Foster Rug - bottom right, Falon Head
  • All Dogs go to Heaven - effect topper collection - 5 different effects
  • glitter toppers All Dogs go to Heaven collection
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Ember Nail Lacquer

All Dogs go to Heaven/ Full Collection

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All Dogs go to Heaven. Of course they do. Find your favorite glitter effect with these toppers, from just a dusting of sparkly stuff, like Foster Rug. Maybe you're in the mood for way more, like tons of gold and silver in Sir Puggleston Long Tongue? If it's hard to choose, here's a fun collection of 5 effect toppers. Try them all!
Effect toppers
3 reflective glitter effect toppers
1 color shifting flakes glitter topper
1 Aurora effect topper

Foster Rug
Silver reflective glitter
Small amount of color shifting flakes

Sir Puggleston Long Tongue
Tons of Gold and Silver reflective glitter

Pocket Butt
Tons of green and silver reflective glitter

Falon Head
Peachy clear base
Green/blue/pink aurora

Vader Should of been Han
Pink/Orange/gold and blue
Color shifting flakes